How to Respond to IRS Notice

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We are including here 8 tips that you should consider when responding to an IRS notice..  This is a list provided by the IRS and should be used for keeping your response relevant and timely.  Naturally, if you can’t come up with a knowledgeable answer, or would like assistance communicating with the IRS, please contact us.

Eight Tips for Taxpayers Who Receive an IRS Notice

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Gerald E. Harvey, Jr.

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A Recent Tax Court Decision

The Chief Counsel’s Office has advised,in CCA 201228037, dated May I, 2012, that Medicare Parts A and B constitute medical care insurance coverage for deductibility as SE Health Insurance for business owners. This has not been allowed as a deduction in years past.

If you are a self-employed individual, partner, or S corporation shareholder-employee you can get these deducted from your income for both income tax (Federal and State) an Self-Employment tax.

You can also go back to all three prior years and AMEND them for refunds!

For the current year, 2012, and future years, partners and S corporation shareholder employees should get reimbursed for their Medicare payments from their entity.

Please call myself or my partner Noelle Caldwell for any future questions or need to amend past tax returns.  Attached is a full description of this matter by BNA.

Medicare Description by BNA


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